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Occasionally, clients will ask for recommendations on replacement technology for their needs. When we research these items, we pay attention to specifications, quality, options, accessories, and overall price. When we find something we're willing to recommend, we'll post it here for you to get in on the good deal if you happen to be in the market!

Desktop computer with nice specs

Comes with:

Intel Core i7 13th generation CPU, 64GB RAM, 1 TB Solid state storage drive, keyboard, mouse, display port to HDMI adapter cable.

Windows 11

You'll need:

Existing monitor with an HDMI port or Display Port, and corresponding cable.

or $89/month

Why we zeroed in:

The processor is newer and top of the line, and with 64 GB RAM this desktop will perform screaming fast. Other desktops in this price range typically come with 16 GB RAM. Does not come with a monitor, but compatible with any HDMI or DisplayPort monitor or modern TV. This desktop should last you many many years without needing upgrades. Perfect for business or home environments.