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Deals We've Spotted

Occasionally, clients will ask for recommendations on replacement technology for their needs. When we research these items, we pay attention to specifications, quality, options, accessories, and overall price. When we find something we're willing to recommend, we'll post it here for you to get in on the good deal if you happen to be in the market!

Android Tablet with 10.1" screen

Comes with:

Octa Core processor, 12 GB RAM, 128 GB Storage expandable to 1 TB, case, screen protector, charging cable with plug, mouse, and keyboard.

The operating system will feel familiar if you already use an Android (non iPhone) Phone.

Android Tablet with 10.1" screen

Why we zeroed in:

The processor and RAM are about twice as powerful as many Chromebooks priced around $250. While this is a tablet and not a notebook/Chromebook, it operates the Google Android software and Play Store apps, making it a nice option for a travel tablet or something a little beefier for typing emails or internet surfing.